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heath harvest beer garden

Come join us this year in the Beer Garden. The gates will open at 5pm on Friday and cold beer will be served until 11pm. Get your commemorative 16oz Heath Harvest cups. Must be 21 years of age or older. On Saturday the gates will open at 11am and stay open until 4pm. 

Please make sure to have a valid form of I.D. and you must purchase a Beer Garden bracelet. Included with your purchase you will get the commemorative cup with three drink tickets for only $10. 


A Tribute To Two Legendary Bands

Hot on the heels of their 2018 Summer Concert Tour, the five core band members of Chicago Rewired were sparked with the idea to start a secondary tribute act that was a hard-driving, fist pumping, rock and roll force. After a long brainstorming session, where numerous well-known artists were considered, drummer/bandleader Mike Graci asked a prominent industry agent what he had a need for in the roster of tribute acts he represented. His answer caught everyone by surprise, a hybrid tribute to the bands REO Speedwagonand Survivor. Hence, REO Survivor was born.


An all 80’s project we began from scratch in 2018, we began putting together from scratch a FANTASTIC group of mucisians and are already booking! We do everything from Cyndi Lauper & Wham to Joan Jett & Def Leppard!

Showtime: Saturday, October 2nd 11:00am - 1:30pm

Pat King

live on stage

Showtime: Saturday, October 2nd at 10am

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